Pricing of handmade carpets

Pricing of handmade carpets
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Pricing of handmade carpets
All the factors that make carpet pricing carpet evaluation say that these factors include color, design and quality of consumables, number, type and quality of knots, without fault and location of carpet texture and customer preferences which are We give a brief description of them.
1- Quality of consumables in carpet
Quality and type of raw materials used in carpet weaving, including wool, crack, silk and cotton, quality and quality of carpet raw materials are important factors in pricing carpet. Naturally, if a carpet is woven with high quality natural materials, it is not of the same value as a carpet woven with poor quality raw materials.
2 – Design and role of carpet
Another important factor in determining the price of a carpet design is the authenticity of the design and the precision in the correct execution of the paintings, flowers, leaves and the elegance of the designer. The more skilled the designer is, the more beautiful and respectable the design will create, which will have a significant impact on the price of the carpet as well as on the view of the customers.
3 – Color quality
Another important factor affecting the determination of carpet value is color. Some carpets use low-grade, unstable colors instead of the use of herbal or permanent colors. The more experienced the painter is, the more knowledgeable he or she is of the color and all its aspects and properties, including the effects of the colors and colors of the domestic and foreign market tastes, add to the beauty of the carpet.
4 – Carpet count or knot density
Carpet count or knot density refers to the number of knots woven at a given scale, which is one of the valuations of a carpet. This scale is 6.5 cm in Persian carpets and 7 cm in Turkish carpets.
5 – Type and quality of nodes
The type and quality of knots used in some carpets are paired and sometimes knotless, which influence the pricing of the carpet. Of course, carpets that are woven with genuine knots that contain symmetrical and asymmetrical knots are of higher value.
6 – Artistic and historical authenticity
Since handmade rugs are one of the handicrafts of humanity, marketing and pricing such as mass-produced industrial products cannot be excluded from its artistic and historical dimension. Therefore, the artistic and historical authenticity of art is taken into consideration when evaluating artistic products.
7- Without being flawed
The flawless rug certainly has a special value. But since hand-woven rugs are human’s woven and not industrial machines, they may have defects in the design, drawing, texture, polishing, polishing, etc., which may have some disadvantages with He ignored the percentage and its type. But it shouldn’t be a big flaw to change the beauty or the weight of the carpet that all of these factors influence the final pricing of the carpet. Among the disadvantages of carpet can be crooked, false weaving vein, banging, casey, solitary, caries, loose weaving, hybrids and ….
8 – Location of carpet texture
Each region of our beloved country has its own special characteristics with regard to different conditions such as culture and customs, type of texture and type of raw materials, design and role, dyeing and coloring, climatic and geographical features, etc. That is, as a sign of the authenticity of each region. Carpet stylistics can be traced in two ways, which, in one sense, can be divided into three general categories: urban, rural and tribal. The second type of carpet stylistics is based on the geographical areas and their common similarities that the expert must identify the location of the texture which is identified by factors such as layout, coloration, dyeing, type of knot, thread and so on. Usually the most popular carpets in the area are priced higher depending on the market demand.
9 – Dimensions and sizes
Dimensions and size of carpet are among the factors that influence the price of carpet. Certainly the larger the carpet dimensions, the greater the value of the carpet.

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