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Ardakan Yazd 6 m carpet
Ardakan is an urban city in the desert and warm region of Yazd province. Ardakan city is famous for its history and history and it has crafts like any other city. One of the most famous industries is carpet.
Ardakan carpet is a popular and coarse texture, and one of the reasons for its popularity is the coarse texture.
Each carpet becomes famous and distinguished from other carpets for some reason. For example, Ardakan carpets in Yazd have the number of rows 1, 2 and 2. Each city has its own unique roles. For example if you have simple tastes and also need environment
We recommend you the carpets of the desert towns. Ardakan carpets of Yazd generally have the same background as desert nature, such as cream, camel and gray colors, and all of them are soft and smooth. You know, because the carpets of Ardakan are all cream-colored and the yarn is different from the other cities. Designs called "simple floor" or "bergamot" are one of the few popular designs of the desert carpet artist.
Price of carpet 6 meters Ardakan Yazd
The 6 m carpets are 2 x 3 dimensions which are usually easy to carry and move for the indoors and therefore more attractive to housewives.
Usually the price of 6m carpet of Ardakan Yazd is calculated depending on the design, type of yarn and number of ribs. Normal and non-silk yarn carpets usually start at 3 million tomans and the more traditional the design, the more expensive it is. If the thread is silky, it may grow to several millions.
Carpets with silk yarn
The constituents of silk yarn are natural protein and one of the reasons it is more expensive than ordinary yarn. Some carpets are synthetic silk, also called raven, a type of fiber that is made of synthetic fibers and is made of cellulose fiber that is rebuilt. Nowadays, many carpets of silk are used in artificial silk carpets, which is one of the main methods of silk carpet burning. By removing a knot from the carpet and burning it down, if the carpet silk is normal, the burning will turn into a black bullet and the smell will look like burning hair. The reason for this similarity is the same texture of hair and silk because they are both protein. If silk is synthetic after burning we will see soft, white ash that will smell like burning paper.