About Negarsara

Handmade carpet as a craft has a very long history in Iranian history. Iranian handmade carpet is a product that is inherently reminiscent of high quality and value. This value and popularity is due to the efforts of manufacturers and weavers over many years. An effort that has always been one of the pillars of quality.

Negarsara aims to be a place to promote and revitalize the culture of carpet education and study and to be a place for the exchange of ideas, experiences and lessons learned by artists and professors.

Negarsara is trying to make art that has long been our country’s heritage into one of the best and largest carpets and carpets in the world, not to mention the exaggeration that “art is for the Iranians and enough”.

In this collection, we are committed to the valuable heritage of our ancestors and will not hesitate to strive to grow and develop this art.

Nowadays, Negarsara with the slogan (Iranian deserves the best) based on the latest technology in the world, and with more than 100 specialized and committed staff, has established its position in the sale of carpets in the country and has always been a concern of the company’s top executives. The effort is to improve the production process with quality and innovation.

Company vision

Speech by the CEO

Negarsara Cultural and Art Institute is proud to invite all artists and friends active in the field of carpet weaving to collaborate with this institute.

CEO Speech