Important areas of tissue
The most important weaving tribes of Qashqai tribe are Keshgoli, Six Blocks, Opera, Salinity, Safi Khani, Rahimloo, Eidgar
Technical Information
The nomadic carpet design is divided into two groups: traditional designs that are mostly subjective and irregular and other regular and geometric designs that are symmetrical
The most important colors used in this line are varnish, pink, magenta, and purple, auburn golden and green.
In Qashqai tribes, both symmetric and asymmetric nodes are used. The mode of dressing is level and flat. Wheat is predominantly Turkish and the type is usually horizontal, but nowadays mostly stands, often ranging from 15 to 20 and in exquisite rugs 40 to 50.
The dimensions of the Qashqai rugs are often small and begin with skirts and rugs and carpets smaller than one-and-a-half.