Chahar Mahal Bakhtiari
Bakhtiari carpets are woven in the areas of Chal camel, Shalamzar, Saman, Shahrekord, Hanegun, Babahidar, Rafi coffee and Borujen. There are two villages, Talekhonche and Ali Abad, with beautiful carpets called Yalmah that adorned the congressional rhymes that surround the flowers. The carpets known as Bakhtiari are woven not by the weavers of this tribe but by the weavers of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari villages. These rugs are usually woven with a Turkish knot and a weft (unlike Shahr-e-Kord which is two wefts). Most of Bakhtiari's carpets are rhombus and square figures, repeated in different colors. In four Bakhtiari mahogany like Qashqai knitting centers, the color is yellow and not accurate in other colors.

Important areas of tissue

Chaleshter, Saman Ashgoftak, Pierre-oak, Arjang, Verdjan, Fradnieh, Yaladaji Shalmazar and others are important areas of tissue.

Technical Information

The design of carpets due to its proximity to Isfahan has curves and decorations that are at the same time because of its rural roots. In this area most of the framed or adobe or so-called wristwatch designs are common. Other designs include altar, survey, bergamot, enamel, wine or blanket and the image we are interested in. Carpet weaving in Bakhtiari area is strangely limited. The Bakhtiari tribes are usually Turkish or symmetrical and use horizontal and vertical types.

The main colors used in the area are: Lucky Garlic and Light Brown, Garlic Green, Orange, Black Cream White and Garlic Cream.