Geography and History of Texture
The history of the old Bijar carpet is known as Gross. The center of the Gros area, east of Sanandaj, is the second most important center of Kurdistan in all fields, including carpet weaving.

Technical Information
Herati design of bergamot, flower known as Mirza Ali flower, Aslami Naghsh Mostofi, geometric bergamot, fish in combination.
The colors used in the old and new carpets are very vibrant and very varied. Lacquer, light blue, beige, indigo, green and purple purple, grapes and orange in today's carpet and golden yellow in the old carpets seen in the area. be.
Texture Raw materials: wool, yarn and cotton, and also very limited use in old carpets. Silk is often numbered between 30 and 35 rugs, in old samples ranging from 15 to 20. Common size, It is 6 and 9 meters long and has a length of 6 meters and 9 meters. Turkish knot is used in different areas of carpet weaving.
Bijr carpets are woven into the fabric and are known for their strong carpeting and hard carpets, which are known as iron carpets and have long lint.
Designers and weavers
Musa Masoudi Haji, Karbala'i Allah Karam, Colonel Asghar and Hamid Lak, Ghodratullah Gage Lu, Asghar Moradi and Ja'fari can be identified as important designers.