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Carpet Characteristics and Everything You Need to Know About Carpet:
Each carpet has a certificate that every person must have sufficient information about the carpet before choosing to buy their carpet safely and as a carpet expert.
The most important characteristics of a carpet are: shoulder and carpet density, carpet dimensions, number of colors per carpet, carpet sex, and information on the carpet, including the number of knots per square meter and the carpet weaving machine.
Carpet Shoulder: The number of knots per square meter of carpet width is called a carpet shoulder. The most common carpet combs in the market and stores are: 350, 500, 700 carpets, 1000 carpets and 1200 carpets which is the highest carpets comb.
Carpet density: The number of knots per square meter of carpet length is called longitudinal density or carpet density. The most important and common carpet densities are: 1000, 1500, 2550, 3000, and the highest density, 3600.

Number of knots per square meter: The number of knots in each carpet is related to the density and shoulder of the carpet. This is the result of multiplying the rug by the sum of the number of knots per square meter. For example, the number of knots in a machine rug becomes 700 combs with a density of 1000: 700 * 1000 = 700000 There are 700,000 knots per square meter of this rug.
Carpet Dimensions: Carpets are usually woven in standard dimensions such as the 6-meter, 9-meter, and 12-meter carpets. According to the customer's order the carpet is woven in the desired dimensions.
Carpet Material: The carpet material depends on the fibers and yarn used in the carpet texture. The fibers used in the manufacture of machine rugs are: acrylic, polyester, polypropylene, viscose, etc., among which acrylic is a heated set (the term heated or heated at the fiber spinning stage and is a process that During a number of specific stages, the inner fabric of the yarn is reached by steam and heat stabilization of the fibers.) The yarn is best in a carpet and has a high durability and durability.
Machine Carpet Weight: Carpet weight depends on the shoulder and its density. As the density increases, the carpet becomes denser or thicker. For example, a 1200-carpet carpet with a density of 3600 is heavier than a 1000-carpet carpet with a density of 1500.
Carpet Behind: The inscription on the back of the carpet is the latest feature of the carpet carved by the knitting machine. The best carpet weaving machines are Shonherr (German Schoonher), HCI, HCP. The certificate of insertion on the back of the carpet was purchased to inform the customer of the sex and all the items including: the amount of density and shoulder, quality degree and ... is inserted.